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The dangers of using steroids for non-prescribed purposes are untested as many people who use steroids to not tell their doctors. This can lead to serious complications, especially in long-term users. Common issues faced are feeling edgy, moody aggressive and paranoid, this is called roid rage by many people. Other common side effects are acne, nosebleeds, headaches, stomach pain, muscle pain, increased heart rate and increased blood pressure. Alone none of these are very dangerous, however when added to a strenuous workout routine, they can be very harmful, so it is important to know your body. Talking with your doctor would be even better, halotestin muscletalk however since most people would rather not do this. Have a friend monitor you for anything that seems hazardous to you health, such as becoming very pale while working out. Oasis sponsors links on these sites and the owner of one forum urges his brethren to "halotestin muscletalk avoid the unregulated crap that can make you sick or worse" halotestin muscletalk and to take "the legal route" to buying steroids. Here at we have provided you the means to build a more powerful physique with the most effective legal steroids on the market; products that have been researched and tested thoroughly to ensure the most optimal results are obtained.